verb (overflowed, overflowed or overflown, overflowing)

verb (i) /oʊvəˈfloʊ / (say ohvuh'floh)
1. to flow or run over, as rivers, water, etc.
2. to have the contents flowing over, as an overfull vessel.
3. (sometimes followed by into) to pass from one place or part to another as if flowing from an overfull space: the population overflowed into the adjoining territory.
4. (sometimes followed by with) to be filled or supplied in overflowing measure: a heart overflowing with gratitude.
verb (t) /oʊvəˈfloʊ / (say ohvuh'floh)
5. to flow over; flood; inundate.
6. to flow over or beyond (the brim, banks, borders, etc.).
7. to flow over the edge or brim of (a vessel, etc.).
8. to fill to the point of running over.
9. to cause to flow over.
noun /ˈoʊvəfloʊ / (say 'ohvuhfloh)
10. an overflowing: the annual overflow of the Nile.
11. that which flows or runs over: to carry off the overflow from a fountain.
12. an area of land which in time of flood is covered by the overflowing waters of a nearby watercourse.
13. an excess or superabundance.
14. a portion passing or crowded out from an overfilled place.
15. an outlet for excess liquid.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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